How To Fix Truedepth Camera iPhone 11 Very Easy

How to fix truedepth camera iPhone 11 can be easy for you to do, but it can also be difficult for you to do depending on what happens to your iPhone 11 in the article below I will discuss the problems that you may experience truedepth camera iPhone 11.

If you go into the settings as well as the face id and passcode you will notice it will say the problem detected with the face id of the truedepth camera has been disabled this is certainly for some users it is very annoying because you can lose access to the face id feature.

how to fix truedepth camera iphone 11

If you are currently experiencing the same problem article below will walk you through a basic simple troubleshooting step that will solve any software-related problem and minor hardware problem as well and then talk about in depth what could possibly be the reason behind this and others.

How To Fix Truedepth Camera iPhone 11

1. Cleaning the Front of Your iPhone

The first how to fix truedepth camera iPhone 11 is want to do of course go ahead and clean the front of your iPhone screen top notch at the top of your iPhone screen is where the front-facing camera and the sensor, so you are here make sure that there is no dirt or even something covering it that could potentially block it.

Dust or dirt that occurs here can also damage the object so just take a microfiber cloth and just clean it simple but effective, do it slowly.

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2. Turn on Airplane Mode and Restart

Next how to fix truedepth camera iPhone 11 is to go ahead and put your phone in airplane mode to activate it you just need to pull down the control menu and then click on the airplane icon.

  • Then now we will do a restart, follow these steps to restart your iPhone:
  • The first step press and release the volume up button, do it quickly.
  • Then please press and release the volume down button quickly as well.
  • Continue pressing and holding the side button, when the Apple logo appears, release the side button.

When your iPhone is on immediately turn off airplane mode now and now you go into settings and then go to face id and passcode go ahead and enter your code once again here once if you see the truedepth camera message iPhone 11 if it is missing amazingly you have fixed the problem now.

3. Software Updates

Lastly, how to fix truedepth camera iPhone 11 you can update the software, sometimes for problems related to bugs that can also affect the camera. Please go to Settings>General> Software Update, connect to wi-fi, or make sure you have mobile data, and see if there are any updates you can update.

That’s all how to fix truedepth camera iPhone 11 you can do, if you have the above problems and don’t manage to fix them you can come to the nearest Apple service center to get professional treatment, thanks.

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