How To Remove Water From Phone Camera

How to remove water from phone camera is an annoying thing for you. When you’re hiking in the rain or hanging out by the pool, your phone’s camera becomes your source for capturing all those unforgettable moments.

But what happens if you get caught in the rain, slip and drop your device into the pool, or find that water has gotten into your phone through some other means? Not all of us are lucky enough to have waterproof phones. Most smartphones perform poorly when exposed to moisture.

how to remove water from phone camera

Even mildly damp hands from handling a drink can often be enough to start trouble with your camera. When water gets inside your camera it can have negative consequences on its performance: condensation or fogging of the lens may appear and make photos blurry; light sensitivity is diminished; and, most importantly, images can appear distorted with visible blue halos, red halos, and green halos known as Chromatic Aberration.

How To Remove Water From Phone Camera

If you need a guide on how to remove water from phone camera the article below may be able to solve your problem.

What to do when water gets into your camera

The first step to how to remove water from phone camera is try to dry your phone as quickly as possible by using a paper towel or a clean cloth. You can also put your phone in a bag or container filled with silica gel, which is commonly used to dry out the moisture in electronics.

Don’t plug your phone in to charge it while water is inside, as this can create an electric shock hazard. If you notice any discoloration or corrosion inside your phone, don’t try to open the phone up to clean it out yourself. Instead, you’ll want to bring the phone to a professional for repairs.

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Dry in the sun

How to remove water from phone camera is quite effective you can release it in bright sunlight, and the heat that comes can make the water in the camera evaporate.

But you need to know that don’t take it too long if the sun is too hot, you can take it if you feel it is enough.

Open the Camera Case and Clean It

If you have the expertise to open your phone, how to remove water from phone camera is probably best you just need to open the camera case carefully and then wipe it with a tissue or cloth.

But if you don’t have the expertise to open it you don’t try it because it can damage other parts, if you need it you can come to the service center of your phone brand and ask for it to be repaired more than we recommend.

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That’s all how to remove water from phone camera, if you have a method or suggestion you can give it below. The best way to protect your phone from water is to make sure it is in a dry environment. If your phone gets wet, make sure you dry it as quickly as possible. If your phone gets wet inside, you should take it to a professional for repair.

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