How To Turn Off Auto Update On Samsung S21

How to turn off auto update on Samsung s21 is an easy thing. At any point note that whenever you use a WiFi network, Samsung applications generally appear to update automatically, as well as assuming that such an event resembles mine, this can be very annoying when you relax because you may not need the declared Application for updates because basically, you can physically start the update cycle when you like. Well to stop how to behave like this on the Samsung s21 phone today I will tell you The best way how to turn off auto update on Samsung s21.

how to turn off auto update on samsung s21

Keeping the latest applications determined to guarantee the ideal performance of your application. As a result, if the auto-update feature on the programmed Samsung s21 is included very well. However, if you keep this setting continuously it can lead to additional mobile data charges.

This is the point where the need for how to turn off auto update on Samsung s21 arises. This article post will show you how to deal with this component in your new Samsung phone. Here is a quick guide on the most advanced methods for how to turn off auto update on Samsung s21

How To Turn Off Auto Update on Samsung S21

  • Go to the home screen then tap on Play Store app on Samsung s21
  • Tap the Menu icon on the upper right side of the Play Store app screen, Gmail account icon.
  • Then please tap settings.
  • Select network preferences.
  • Tap auto-update of apps.
  • Select Do not auto-update the application.

In addition to getting the latest features from the application, keeping your application updated will also help keep up with the stability of the application and performance.

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If you prefer not to automatically introduce updates for your apps, make sure you remember to check for app updates accessible on your Samsung s21 play store.

If you change your mind and want to update the Samsung s21 application everything, you can change the settings as described earlier. Maybe you have free time and you want to do an application update on the Samsung s21 phone:

  • You just need to access the play store application.
  • Tap your profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap settings and tap network preferences.
  • Select the automatic update of the application, and tap the menu over any network.

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That’s all there is to it now how to turn off auto update on Samsung s21, your Samsung s21 app won’t update automatically and you have to do the update physically or manually. So no more annoying auto-update apps when you turn on the internet connection.

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