How To Turn Off Moisture Sensor on Samsung Phone

How to turn off moisture sensor on samsung phone can be said to be difficult whereas when you experience the problem Samsung phone will be difficult for your to charge. When you experience it, of course, it will be frustrating how to do the charger while the moisture sensor warning keeps appearing and causes your Samsung phone to not be charged.

On some Samsung phones that have been equipped with a water repellent feature, there is a feature called a moisture sensor, the sensor is useful for detecting humidity in the charger area of Samsung phones.

how to turn off moisture sensor on samsung phone

This feature alert only appears on Samsung phones with a waterproof feature, when the warning appears it is likely that your Samsung phone still has water residue.

But sometimes the warning appears even though your Samsung phone is not in a wet state, of course, this is quite troublesome but believe it or not when the warning appears of course your phone is wet or just the sensor is problematic.

This moisture sensor feature is useful for protecting Samsung phones from short circuit electric current inside the phone, the warning of the feature appears caused by several things.

  • Exposed to rainwater.
  • Water spills.
  • Exposed to steam and so on.

When the moisture sensor feature on the Samsung phone is on you can’t charge, even if you do it the power will not enter only to show a vibrating mark, the problem will interfere with your activities of course.

How To Turn Off Moisture Sensor on Samsung Phone

The following article tries to explain to you how the solution is, for the feature unfortunately you can’t turn it off because it’s automatic, all you can do is try some simple methods that we provide below.

Dry Your Samsung Phone

If you have just experienced a Samsung phone exposed to water how to turn off moisture sensor on samsung phone you can dry it out with a few simple methods. Dry it with a useful tool around you and wait for your Samsung phone for 3 to 4 hours and then you recharge it again, see the reaction. When your Samsung phone doesn’t show any signs you can try the next method, maybe it can help.

If you experience the above problems but your phone has never been exposed to any water, then you can try an easy trick by recharging your Samsung phone in a disabled state. Charge your Samsung phone, wait a while then turn on your Samsung phone, it will help.

Some users say the above method is only temporary, if the problem persists you can come to the nearest Samsung service center location to fix it.

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If you don’t fix it immediately, maybe you will be the one who will be disturbed by daily activities because your Samsung phone cannot charge.

All the features of a smartphone are useful but not all of them run smoothly when one of the problematic features will be a barrier to using it.

That’s all how to turn off moisture sensor on Samsung phone that you can do if the problem is not finished do my advice to the nearest Samsung service center location.

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