How To Turn Off Notification Vibration in Samsung Easily

How to turn off notification vibration in Samsung is an easy thing actually, we have been living with various vibrations in mobile phones for a very long time, which appear in various functions and different purposes. The most felt vibration on Samsung phones is the notification vibration on Samsung.

Samsung notification vibration appears when you get a notification from your Samsung phone, the vibration intends to clearly notify you of incoming notifications instead of actually with the sound you also know it.

how to turn off notification vibration in samsung

According to some sources, the grind on the phone can make your battery wasteful so you think about disabling it.

When we realize that not all Samsung phone users like that kind of vibration and rate it as annoying as not making it comfortable, we will show you how you can really how to turn off notification vibration in Samsung. We can turn this cycle into our tendencies, eliminating only those cycles that do not really bother us.

How To Turn Off Notification Vibration in Samsung

  • Go to your Samsung phone settings.
  • Scroll down and select the Sound and Vibrate menu.
  • Then continue selecting the Notification sound menu.
  • Next, you are asked to choose which sim card you want to turn off the vibration notification, for example, select sim 1.
  • In the vibration pattern notification menu, you select silent.

Now you no longer feel the vibration when a notification appears on the Samsung phone, if you change your mind and want to activate it again you just have to repeat the same steps and select the appropriate vibration.

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You can also do how to turn off notification vibration in Samsung by using the quick method, this method may be fast but can turn off all sounds on your Samsung phone.

  • Open your Samsung phone.
  • Scroll the screen from top to bottom.
  • Please tap the speaker icon tap multiple times to switch to silent mode.

Once you switch to the silent mode you no longer feel vibrations when notifications appear on your Samsung phone, if you don’t want to turn off all sounds you can do the first method.

All steps on how to turn off notification vibration in Samsung work on all Samsung phones, if you find there are different steps in your Samsung phone chances are your Samsung android version is not the latest you just have to adjust it.

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There are several reasons that users feel why you may need to change the notification vibration settings on your Samsung phone:

  • In order not to be disturbed, some users assume that the notification vibration that appears can disturb them, so they choose to turn it off or switch to silent mode.
  • Distinguishing the notification, the next reason is likely that you want to distinguish the notification that appears so that you can find out what the notification appears on your Samsung phone.

That’s all how to turn off notification vibration in Samsung that you can do, if you need further help you can comment in the column we provide, thank you.

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