How To Turn Off Samsung A51 Without Touch Screen

How to turn off Samsung a51 without touch screen is actually an easy thing for you to do, but even so many users don’t know it. This is very natural, especially for those of you who are beginners or may have just experienced problems like this.

Of course, you know that to turn off the Samsung A51 you need a combination of the power button and the touch screen of your phone, when the screen of your device cannot be used, of course, you will be stuck there.

how to turn off samsung a51 without touch screen

But don’t worry because in this post we will guide you on how to turn off Samsung a51 without touch screen. If you’ve previously done a forced restart then you’ll know easily, but if you’ve just done it might take a few minutes to understand.

Samsung A51 phones provide the option to turn off their phone when the screen is unresponsive, but this is rarely known by users below you will learn to do it.

How To Turn Off Samsung A51 Without Touch Screen

The steps below will not eliminate any data on your Samsung A51. This method is safe to do for users who experience an unresponsive screen you only need a few minutes to do it.

1. In The first step you just need to press the power and volume down buttons please hold them both for 5 to 10 seconds.

2. When you see that the Samsung a51 screen is off, immediately release the volume down button and keep holding the power button and then press the volume up button.

3. Press and hold the power and volume up buttons for a few seconds until the Samsung a51 phone logo appears and then release both.

4. Now you enter recovery mode, use the volume button and power button to navigate and confirm the selection.

5. In that recovery mode press the volume down button and select the Power Off option.

6. Press the power button, and your Samsung a51 will be off.

When you want to turn on Samsung A51 just press the power button, however, if it is still in recovery mode you can exit recovery mode by selecting the option Reboot system now, and your device will reboot and return to the homepage of Samsung a51.

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Finally, how to turn off Samsung a51 without touch screen you can do, I hope the simple tutorial above can help you solve the problem you are experiencing.

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