How To Turn Off Samsung S21 Without Screen

How to turn off Samsung s21 without screen is actually one of the easy ways for you to do, but even so among Samsung s21 users many do not know it. This is because when you want to turn off Samsung s21 you need the screen to select turn off navigation of the phone, then what if your screen can’t be touched? how to turn off Samsung S21 without screen?

how to turn off samsung s21 without screen

When your screen has problems because it cannot be touched, of course, one way to solve it is to turn off your Samsung S21 phone with the hope that when the phone turns on again, it can be used as usual.

Although the Samsung S21 is equipped with qualified specifications it does not guarantee that you are free from the problem of the screen cannot be touched.

This problem can happen to anyone, the main cause of which is when you use the app too much and your internal storage is almost full.

If you are a previous Samsung user you just need to remove the battery and then turn it back on but for the Samsung series now you can’t do it easily.

But you don’t need to worry because when the screen can’t be used you can still turn off the Samsung S21 without a screen. Below we provide a tutorial on how to do it.

How To Turn Off Samsung S21 Without Screen

This tutorial does not take long, if you follow it correctly it is very fast and will fix your Samsung s21 screen that cannot be touched due to a small problem.

  1. The first step, please prepare a Samsung s21 phone.
  2. Next, you just need to press and hold the power and volume down buttons and do it simultaneously.
  3. Then you will see the power menu, you ignore it and continue to press and hold until the Samsung s21 screen is off.
  4. When your Samsung s21 screen is dark, you can successfully turn off Samsung s21 without screen.
  5. If you want to turn it back on you just need to press the power button until the samsung logo appears.

If you want another method to how to turn off Samsung s21 without screen you need to wait for your Samsung s21 battery to run out, your phone will die without you touching the screen.

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The above method may not be effective because you have to wait for your Samsung battery to run out and it is quite long, so we advise you to use the method I have described above that is more effective. You can apply the method above to all series of Samsung s21, s21s, s21 plus, s21 ultra, s21 fe.

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Finally, how to turn off Samsung s21 without screen you managed to do, if you have any questions related to the tutorial above we provide a comment column below.

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