Samsung Galaxy A32 Reset Network Settings Easily

Samsung galaxy a32 reset network settings are actually one of the easy ways for you to do this, but even so many users don’t know it. This is very natural, especially for those of you who have just used a Samsung galaxy a32 phone and are experiencing network problems the tutorial below might help you.

samsung galaxy a32 reset network settings

Performing a Samsung a32 network reset makes your phone smoother and faster when used for the internet and will fix various network problems.

Network reset applies to several features such as cellular data, wifi, and Bluetooth, so not only the network but also some features are also affected.

Network problems do make Samsung galaxy a23 users upset because their phones cannot be used to access anything online and communicating smoothly becomes hampered.

But most of these problems are only minor and some users simply restarting will fix them, there is still a more effective tutorial that you can do, namely network reset.

Samsung Galaxy A32 Reset Network Settings

If you are experiencing network problems and have tried all the ways but to no avail, you can apply a network reset to make it more effective on your Samsung a32 phone.

It should be noted that a network reset can erase wifi, and Bluetooth that is already on your Samsung galaxy a32, so you must reconnect it after doing a network reset, this method does not delete any data on your phone.

1. Your first step is to enter Samsung a32 Settings.

2. Scroll down, select the General Management menu option, and continue to select the Reset menu.

3. Then you can see several reset option options, select the Reset network settings option.

4. Continue selecting Reset Settings.

5. Your phone screen lock appears if you previously applied it, please just enter as you made it.

6. Then select the Reset option.

7. You have successfully reset the Samsung a32 network, please press the back button.

If you previously connected to wifi then it will be interrupted you will have to re-enter the password from the wifi again, and Bluetooth will disappear and you must reconnect.

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That’s what Samsung galaxy a32 reset network settings are like, the method above also works on other Samsung series because in essence, the method is the same, if you have any questions related to resetting the Samsung a32 network you can ask in the comments column that we have given.

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